About Us

Nicole Sturomski

Executive Director

Nicole Sturomski is the Founder of WMN unite, a Howard graduate, and a health expert with over 20 years of professional experience in martial arts, strength and conditioning, and health and wellness, and invested in helping the Community of Mt. Kisco.

Maddy Antes

Market Manager

Maddy Antes is a CIA graduate who has been in the food industry her whole life. She hopes that the Mt. Kisco Farmer’s Market helps to both inspire the support of small businesses, and spread her love for the kitchen.

Allison Turcan

Anchor Farm of MKFM

Allison Turcan is a the Founder of DIG Farm, an educator, a mover and shaker and helps many local communities deal with food insecurities. She lives each day trying to fulfill the mission of “Reconnecting Communities to the Natural Good of the Farm”.

Jessica Colon

Community Organizer for MKFM

Jessica is the founder of For the People and Kids, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering all community members through education and fostering community growth, with a focus on bilingual education and kids programming. She also serves as the co-chair of the Mt Kisco Arts Council and as the community organizer for both the Access Nature Project and the MT Kisco Farmers Market.